Conference Organizing Committee

Natasha Hicks (MUP/MDes, 2019)
Marcus Mello  (MArch/MUP, 2018)
Amanda Miller (MDes, 2017)
Armando Sullivan (MUP, 2018)
Chanel Williams (MUP, 2018)


Conference Committee Members

Katherine Curiel (MUP, 2017/MIT MBA, 2018)
Rose Florian (MAUD, 2018)
Whitney Hansley (MArch, 2016)
Simone Hodgson (MUP, 2018)
Jeanette Pantoja (MUP, 2018)
Angel Quicksey (MUP/HKS MPP, 2018)
Donald Taylor-Patterson (MUP, 2018)
Michael Williams (HBS MBA, 2018)


AASU Leadership

Co-President:  Natasha Hicks (MUP/MDes, 2019)
Co-President: Marcus Mello  (MArch/MUP, 2018)
Secretary: Chanel Williams (MUP, 2018)
Treasurer: Shanasia Slyman (MUP, 2018)
External Relations Chair: Angel Quicksey (MUP/HKS MPP, 2018)
Internal Relations Chair: Simone Hodgson (MUP, 2018)
Social Chair: Armando Sullivan (MUP, 2018)
Media Chair: Donald Taylor-Patterson (MUP, 2018)



Jean Lauer (LF), Founder, Sweeten
Justin Garrett Moore, Executive Director, New York City Public Design Commission
Marc Norman (LF), Founder, Ideas and Action
Courtney Sharpe (BiD 2015 Co-Chair), Senior Urban Planner, Boston Planning and Development Agency
Alexie Torres-Fleming (LF), Executive Director, Access Strategies Fund
Kolu Zigbi (LF), Program Director, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, Noyes Foundation


Graduate School of Design

Mohsen Mostafavi, Dean and Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design

Dan Borelli, Director of Exhibitions
Travis Dagenais, Communications Manager
Erica George, Coordinator of Student Activities and Outreach
Stephen Gray, Assistant Professor of Urban Design
Toni Griffin (LF), Professor in Practice of Urban Planning
Paige Johnston, Public Programs Manager
Jesse M. Keenan, Lecturer in Architecture
Geri Nederhoff, Co-Chair, Dean's Diversity Initiative and Director of Admissions
Caroline Newton, Director of Internal Administration, Office of the Dean
Christine G. O'Brien, Financial Associate
John Peterson (LF), Curator, Loeb Fellowship
Brad Quigley, Director of Alumni Programs
Ken Stewart, Assistant Dean and Director of Communications and Public Programs
Sally Young, Coordinator of the Loeb Fellowship Program


Special Thanks

Timothy Patrick McCarthy, Lecturer on History and Literature, Public Policy, and Education
All of our participants and sponsors


Logo Design

UNToLD Design:
Hannah Gaengler (MLA, 2017)
Jeremy Hartley (MLA, 2017)


Derivative works of original photography by Lanisha Blount and Whitney Hansley. Photos of the 2015 Black in Design Conference are courtesy of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Harvard Graduate School of Design:
Master in Architecture (MArch), Master in Landscape Architecture (MLA), Master in Urban Planning (MUP), Master of Architecture in Urban Design (MAUD), Master in Design Studies (MDes)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master of Business Administration (MIT MBA), Harvard Business School Master of Business Administration (HBS MBA), Harvard Kennedy School Master of Public Policy (HKS MPP), Loeb Fellow (LF).